Brewers Yeast Powder


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Brewers Yeast health supplement is deactivated by pasteurising or drying. This means the micro organisms have been killed off but the proteins, vitamins and minerals are still retained.
It is a rich source of:
Chromium (for blood sugar balance), Protein (for muscle firming), Selenium (for immune function), Potassium (for blood pressure balance), iron (for brain function), zinc (for skin, nails and hair), and Magnesium (for helping reduce tiredness and fatigue).
It is also an excellent source of B Vitamins (that aid the nervous system) and contains DNA and RNA (that help cellular health). Packed with all these valuable nutrients, it’s no surprise it’s often called a wonder food. Try it for yourself and see the effect it has on your health.


Weight: 450 gms

One or two dessert spoonfuls (10g – 20g) daily, before bedtime or after meals. Simply place one dessertspoonful in a glass and mix with approx. 150ml water. A teaspoonful of cider vinegar may be added if desired. May also be mixed with milk or fruit juice.