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Our all-new ‘’Lipo–Clear’’ Casein protein is specifically designed to lower cholesterol. Like all educohealth casein proteins, it can stay in your system for up to seven hours. Lipo–Clear also pulls excess cholesterol out of your system. It provides concentrated Oat Beta Glucans which the European Food Safety Authority has recognised as having been shown to naturally lower cholesterol. The ideal consumption to gain this benefit is two scoops daily. But even one scoop daily helps support normal good cholesterol levels. Lipo-clear also contains Bone-supporting and Artery-protecting ‘MK-7’ Along with a high level of bone–supporting calcium Lipo–Clear provides artery-protecting ‘MK7’ (a form of Vitamin K).

Essentially what ‘MK-7’ ensures is that the calcium you are taking goes into your bones instead of building up in your arteries. The sunshine vitamin D is also added for extra calcium absorption. This delicious food is a must on the breakfast table or as a snack through the day. Easier than ever – perfect in water Just mix Lipo-Clear as directed. Proform Lipo-Clear can also be used as part of a healthy low carbohydrate diet. Choose from the delicious raspberry pure fruit and vanilla flavours. Educohealth’s popular Casein proteins are slow release proteins that stay in your system for 7 hours giving you a sustained hit of high-quality protein. A family-friendly range suitable for men, women of all ages and children too.

*Results may vary for each individual and we cannot guarantee specific results.

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