Profemme Real Cocoa 500g


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Great Tasting Chocolate Flavour With None Of The Sugar!
Protein Tailored Just For Women
More than just a protein drink, this exclusive low fat, low glycemic high Calcium casein drink derived from milk protein has been designed especially for women of all ages. Profemme is a rich source of protein.  Protein is essential to stay trim, but many types of protein are not calcium-friendly. In contrast, one scoop of Profemme in 400ml. slimline milk provides your full daily requirement of Calcium as well as 40g of firming protein. Calcium is important for the maintenance of normal teeth and bones.
Profemme contains also magnesium and vitamin D, which help improve calcium use and absorption. Profemme also contains Isoflavones (from soya), DIM (Broccoli extract), and GLA (as found in evening primrose and starflower oil). These powerful ingredients, which women often need to buy separately at health stores, may help women feel more balanced through the complete cycle.
Use Profemme protein with meals instead of reaching for fat and carbohydrate rich foods, to help with your weight loss goals. Your skin, hair and nails too can benefit from the firming effect of Profemme’s pure casein protein.
 Profemme is also ideal for women going through the menopause. Its isoflavone content, its high content of absorbable calcium, together with its vitamin D are ideally suited to help maintain bone health. Fortified also with Chromium it can help achieve better balance in your diet. One serving of Profemme includes 50% of your RDA of Vitamin B1, B3, B5, B6, B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Vitamin E. Profemme adds valuable low glycemic protein to any meal – especially useful at breakfast. It can aid weight loss as part of a varied and balanced calorie controlled diet. Streamline your silhouette with Profemme!


Weight: 500 gms

Profemme can be easily blended in any kind of milk (low fat, skimmed, almond, soya or other) to make a delicious milkshake, or made thick with water, milk or cream. For best results use an educohealth Shaker Beaker or electric blender. Full Serving: Mix 30g (1 level scoop) in 400-500ml milk, water, or diluted cream. Half Serving: Mix 15g (= scoop) in 200-250ml milk or water, or diluted cream. Calorie count approx. per full serving made on  water: 118kcal (484kJ) or on 400ml of  whole milk: 350kcal (1464kJ), nonfat milk: 250kcal (1046kJ), soya milk: 250kcal (1046kJ), oat milk: 375kcal (1569kJ), cream (1:4 with water) 310kcal (1297kJ). Protein: Each serving of ProFemme made as directed with milk provides at least 40g of high-quality protein.