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PROFORM Mass Builder Classic & Mass Builder Oats also offer 100% protein quality based on our unique ProAmino-C technology – as found in our Proform 100 – to provide the easiest, quickest, healthiest and most effective nutritional support for gaining lean mass.
Casein, Calcium & Creatine
Its high casein, high calcium and creatine content make this an exceptional food also for those wishing to gain muscular strength as well as high quality, dense muscle. Recommended for all sportspeople including athletes, body builders, rugby players, footballers, tennis players, swimmers, boxers etc. Ideal for those on a weight training programme and a low fat, protein – carbohydrate diet.
Older People
PROFORM Mass Builder’s ingredients are very suitable and effective for people of any age. Creatine with protein and carbohydrate as in this product has been shown to be especially beneficial, even where an older person does not exercise. This delicious product, best taken in milk, can often quickly help older people who may have lost lean tissue or be underweight, in conjunction with a balanced diet.

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