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Educohealth Proform 100 real raspberry casein protein is the worlds first protein to offer a revolutionary 100% amino acid quality in a single delicious serving. Traditional high protein foods- even meat, soya, milk and whey- are unbalanced in Amino Acid Quality so that your body can waste a third or even half of the protein content they offer, therefore the unused protein is converted to sugar and may contribute to fat gain. To help you achieve optimum results Proform 100 brings you the best of both worlds. Now your whole body as well as your bones can benefit from a protein the equals both casein and egg in perfection.

This Proform 100 is flavoured with real raspberry pieces. No artificial flavours will do for a protein food of this quality.

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PROFORM 100 may be made thick with water, milk or cream, or easily blended in any kind of milk (low fat, skimmed, almond, soya or other) to make a delicious milkshake. For best results use an Educohealth Shaker Beaker or electric blender. Full Serving: Mix 30g (1 level scoop) in 400-500ml water, milk or diluted cream. Half Serving: Mix 15g (= scoop) in 200-250ml water, milk or diluted cream. Calorie count approx. per full serving made on 400ml of: water: 115kcal, whole milk: 360kcal, nonfat milk: 255kcal, soya milk: 260kcal, oat milk: 380kcal, cream (1:4 with water) 315kcal. Protein: Each serving of PROFORM 100 made with water provides 28g protein and as directed with milk provides at least 40g of high-quality protein.