Baggot Street RESULTS
Studies have shown that there are three vital elements needed to produce real results. Educogym® has created a system that teaches you to Focus, Train and Nourish. Combined, these tools create a synergistic force to empower you to a complete transformation.
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‘From the minute I approached the team at Educogym Baggot Street I was made feel right at home. This made it easier to achieve my goal of losing weight and toning up. The constant encouragement at my appraisals and the support of the team make the visits to the gym very enjoyable. I actually look forward to going to the gym now and it is not because they take it easy on you (which is certainly not the case) but it is because they create the atmosphere that makes it worthwhile. Not only have I achieved my initial goal of losing weight it has also helped me increase my level of fitness. Their focus on nutrition has also been of benefit to me as I am trying out tasty new recipes in the kitchen. So thanks to all the Educogym Baggot Street team.’

John lost an amazing 49 lbs in just 4 months. He reduced his body fat by 10% and lost 8 inches from his waist.

John Long, 33, lost an incredible 49 lbs in just 17 weeks.

Waist 8
Weight Lost 49
Body Fat 10%

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*Disclaimer – There’s no guarantee of specific results and the results can vary – but with the Educogym™ system and your dedication, the results will speak for themselves!