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Educogym is now offering limited slots in our personalised “Lose Your Christmas Fat Program”.

With just 20 minutes per day 3 times a week, you can have the body you want. Take action today and start building the body and mindset you desire.

This program follows the basic core concepts that we have used to help over 5000+ people hit their fitness goals. (Crazy right?) What’s the best part about this challenge?

We are GUARANTEEING results.🤯

With our program, you will get…

🧠Personalized Science-Based Workouts Designed To Help

🥩Meal Plans So Tasty That Your Ma is Going To Think You’re Cheating On Her With Your Mother In Law

🏋️‍♀️Accountability Coaching To Help You Stay On Track With Your Goals

💜Supportive Community Where You Can Grow As A Healthy Human Being

What Does Our Challenge Include?

Holistic Fitness Approach For Busy Professionals

Goal Setting

Our team of fitness and nutrition experts work with you to understand your fitness goals and train you on Unconscious attention. It can be the goal to reduce body fat, lose weight, become stronger or get leaner.

Customized Traning

When it comes to achieving fitness goals, choosing a healthy way is vital. We lead you through every step of your workouts and ensure you get proper nutrition. Your progress is monitored constantly to keep you aligned with goals.

Life Transformation

Whatever stage you are in your fitness journey, we will help you to transform your life by using your life energy. Not just that, we will also help you to spread this Life Energy to other important areas of life.

Why Is The Educogym Challenge Different?

Mind – Body – Life – Community

We help you to understand about life energy. Then train you on how to use your mind and unconscious attention® to tap into your hidden life energy, for unbelievable results.

You will start with an initial consultation which includes a detailed health screen, body and nutrition analysis. You will leave the consultation with clear goals, expectations and a customised training plan.

You will get access to our daily live training sessions. You will receive a customised meal plan (low-glycemic nutrition) designed by our nutritionists, based on your goals and eating preferences. You will also get access to the Educogym Accountability Plus App and our Private Members Site.

We schedule 2 check-ups to monitor your progress including your measurements, reassess your goals and motivate you even further.

Looking For Results?

Don’t let lockdown stop you from working on a New You. This is the perfect time to focus on you, improve your health, lose inches from your waist, tone and shape up. We are running various Transformation Challenges where you will learn how to get that beautiful body that you’ve always dreamed of, While training at the gym or from your home. You don’t have to do it alone, we are there to guide you through.

We have got everything that you need to get REAL results.  Come let’s make this your BEST year ever!

Lose Your Christmas Fat Challenge

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