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Educogym® uses a proven model called ‘EDUCO’ to help our clients get their Body, Mind, Life and Community into shape. Educo is an educational system that teaches a person how to use more of their mind to achieve success.

For over a decade, Educogym has empowered thousands of customers to get stronger, leaner and healthier. Not only that, our model has also helped many of them to achieve their biggest goals in life.

Why People Get Out Of Shape


An ‘actual’ understanding of why people get fat or out of shape is vital for achieving quick, effective and more importantly, long lasting results. After the age of 30, people tend to lose muscle at the rate of about half a pound a year, including muscle mass from their vital organs.

Unfortunately, this can lead to a variety of health problems and a slowdown in their metabolism (the rate at which we burn food and body fat for energy), making it much easier to gain weight.


When people find themselves becoming overweight, they might start doing mainly aerobic exercise in a regular gym or they might follow a low calorie diet or even a combination of both.

Because of their hard work and willpower they lose weight, but unfortunately up to 90% of the weight loss, particularly if they follow a low calorie diet, can be muscle loss!


Our approach to weight loss, health and getting into shape is different. We work to activate the person’s metabolism. Regaining lost muscle tissue is vital to improving health and to speed up a person’s metabolism.

Our program is based on a university study where the participants on average lost 7.5 lbs of fat (think 7.5 lbs of butter) and gained 3 lbs of muscle (similar to 3 lbs of lean steak) in just 12 days. We believe this is the fastest study on record world-wide for achieving such life transforming results in only 12 days, with just 4 hours of exercise. 12 days passes very quickly. Imagine looking at yourself in the mirror after less than two weeks and seeing such a difference.   

Our research showed that the results achieved were directly related to level of intensity that people trained with. We have designed what we believe to be the perfect gym for achieving results. After all, many people are members of very impressive looking gyms with lots of great equipment and seemingly great trainers. The only aspect people are typically unhappy with are the results they achieve. We achieve results. Visit any of our gyms and see all the impressive before and afters of people just like you who have achieved incredible results.

In a normal gym, results are very difficult to achieve because of the lack of intensity. In fact research shows that for every 20 minutes spent in a regular gym, 10 minutes is wasted moving between machines or waiting for people to get off equipment.

Thanks to our innovative ‘Time Machine’, we offer intensive exercise programmes of only 20 minutes, activating the most amount of muscle fibres in the shortest amount of time. It’s important to note that our 20-minute sessions are the equivalent of a 40-minute session in a normal gym.



Better On Your Own
More Powerful With Supervision & Support


Each person is different, especially when it comes to health and fitness. This could be their body shape, health conditions, their fitness goals, and their ability to perform an exercise programme. This is where a Personal Consultant and their experience can add real value. Tailor made training plans can bring efficient results.


When it comes to weight management and muscle building, there are three vital elements – mindset, nutrition and an exercise plan.


Our team comprises some of the best, certified and most experienced consultants. They work together with you to understand and set the goals for you. From years of experience, they design a customised work-out and nutrition plan. They conduct body analysis, consultation and frequent check-ups to ensure that it’s working for you. These when combined with our most exciting atmosphere is guaranteed to give you the desired results.

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A Model That Works


Most gyms just focus on providing people with masses of shiny equipment. Without any proven model, people have to work harder and harder to get results in these warehouse style gyms.

In addition, when people don’t see results quickly enough, they often starve themselves with low calorie diets, impacting their overall health and lowing their metabolism. Remember low calorie diets and hours of exercise will cause the body to lose muscle.


After a long struggle, people get mediocre results at best and because they lose muscle, the results are short term. They are barely able enjoy the fruit of their labour because the minute they go back to their normal routine, they quickly get back out of shape.

The consequences are that people need to focus more and invest all their energy into getting fit. This might lead to stress and can also impact their performance in other areas of their life as vital life energy is often lost with this approach.


The aim of Educogym® is to train our clients to draw out their best shape and life from within. When people start training with Educogym, they are not just exercising their body, instead they are trained on how to use more of their mind and how to use unconscious attention to involve more of their life energy in everything they do.

Using more of your mind empowers effortless results. We enable our clients to use this huge increase in energy to achieve their fitness and other important life goals.

Real People, Real Experiences

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