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With our scientifically-backed approach combining personalised nutrition, result-oriented workouts and expert coaching, you can lose 8-16 pounds in just 4 weeks.
All without going on starvation diets or spending hours on the gym floor!

What Does The Challenge Include?


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Why Is The Educogym Challenge Different?

Our programmes are developed from Dr. Tony Quinn’s original research on mind and Unconscious Attention®. We teach you how to use more of your mind to transform your body, mind and life. You’ll notice a instant increase in available energy which will dramatically improve your results.

No two individuals are the same, and neither are their fitness journeys. Our expert trainers will design a workout plan exclusively tailored to your goals, whether it’s sculpting your physique, losing weight, or boosting your strength.

Our revolutionary “Time Machine” allows you to save time whilst getting a high level of intensity workout. All we need from you is just 20 minutes of training, 3 times a week making it convenient for your busy schedule.

We don’t believe in quick fixes or temporary results. Our programmes are designed to help you make lasting lifestyle changes that will keep you fit, healthy, and confident for the long term.

We consider your dietary preferences and requirements to customise your nutrition plan. With our low-glycemic nutrition approach, you’ll learn how to eat healthy, whole foods that will nourish your body and support your goals all whilst tasting delicious and making you feel full!

You won’t be going it alone. Throughout your journey, you’ll have a dedicated accountability coach who’s committed to your progress. They’ll be your source of motivation, helping you overcome challenges and celebrate achievements.

What People Say

We are passionate about helping our clients get into the best shape of their lives, so we take their word above all others.

David Sharkey

Educogym Member


Educogym Member

Paul Gannon

Educogym Member

I am not one of those people who “loves” going to the gym, however, at 54 years of age I’m in the best shape of my life. This is thanks to the support and encouragement I receive from Rob and the Educogym Blackrock team. Week after week I get the advice and motivation I need to achieve my weight loss and fitness goals.
John G – Blackrock
As a member of Educogym I’ve lost 39lbs, 5.8 inches off my waist and 5.65 off my tummy in 5 months. Everyone wants to look great, but how I feel is what stands out to me most. I’ve never felt more confident and motivated, not only in the gym but also life in general.
H. Ellis
I joined Educo because I wished to lose weight, tone my body, become fitter and gain strength in my muscles. The combination of weight training – with personal trainers – diet and suppplements worked well for me. I found the regular consultations, one to one with the trainer very beneficial.
Mary – Blackrock
This is my second time in Educo Gym Blackrock. I got the results I was looking for – 21lbs lost in 2014 in a short period of time which I kept off for the most part, but now I’m looking to stretch my goal. Educo is the perfect gym for me, the 20 minute resistance training which is so closely supervised by amazing trainers, that there is no cheating! If you follow the program, you get the results. I’ve never felt fitter, stronger or more confident!!
Denise Ceannt – Blackrock

The personal care that I receive in EducoGym in Blackrock is outstanding. I am slowly transforming into a very active slim person. The eating regime which has been prescribed, suits my health and lifestyle. My health has improved to such an extend that my GP intends to take me off ALL medication for Type 2 Diabetes AND Blood pressure after Christmas.

Marian – Blackrock
Prior to joining Educogym in Blackrock, attending the gym was a chore. The tailored and intense program over 20 minutes means I can now build training into my daily schedule with benefits to both mind and body. The one to one attention from the expert and friendly trainers ensures that I use the equipment correctly and keeps me motivated to attend the gym 3 to 4 times a week.
Joe C – Blackrock