28 DAY ONLINE Transformation CHALLENGE


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What Does Our Challenge Include?

Holistic Fitness Approach For Busy Professionals

Goal Setting

Our team of fitness and nutrition experts work with you to understand your fitness goals and train you on Unconscious attention. It can be the goal to reduce body fat, lose weight, become stronger or get leaner.

Customized Traning

When it comes to achieving fitness goals, choosing a healthy way is vital. We lead you through every step of your workouts and ensure you get proper nutrition. Your progress is monitored constantly to keep you aligned with goals.

Life Transformation

Whatever stage you are in your fitness journey, we will help you to transform your life by using your life energy. Not just that, we will also help you to spread this Life Energy to other important areas of life.

Why Is The Educogym Challenge Different?

Mind – Body – Life – Community

We help you to understand about life energy. Then train you on how to use your mind and unconscious attention® to tap into your hidden life energy, for unbelievable results.

You will start with an initial consultation which includes a detailed health screen, body and nutrition analysis. You will leave the consultation with clear goals, expectations and a customised training plan.

You will get access to our daily live training sessions. You will receive a customised meal plan (low-glycemic nutrition) designed by our nutritionists, based on your goals and eating preferences. You will also get access to the Educogym Accountability Plus App and our Private Members Site.

We schedule 2 check-ups to monitor your progress including your measurements, reassess your goals and motivate you even further.

28 Day Super You Challenge

  • 1-hour consultation including health screen, nutrition analysis and goal setting
  • A uniquely customised nutrition and exercise plan with activities you enjoy
  • Access to our daily live training sessions
  • 2 check-ups to monitor your progress, reassess your goals and motivate you even further
  • Results with a certificate and before and after photographs
  • Access to the Educogym Accountability Plus App
  • Private Members Site with access to your challenge content
  • Private Facebook group with live training sessions and additional motivation and support
  • *New 28 Day Success Manual with Goal Setting Workbook
  • *New 28 Day Recipe Manual with mouth watering, tummy filling options making hunger a thing of the past!
  • *New 28 Day Simple Meal Planner with weekly time saving Grocery Lists 


Give The Gift Of Health To Your Friends

It’s good to be healthy and fit. We’ve spent well over a decade helping people with their fitness journey and achieving their goals. We bring together an innovative model ‘EDUCO ®’ and the best training approach on the planet for seeing results.

Our challenges are designed to give you everything that you need to get into the best shape of your life. So why not invite your friends and loved ones to take up this challenge.

Educogym Podcasts

As you enter into your 30’s, you end to lose muscle mass from your vital organs, impacting your mind, body, life, and community. Educogym podcasts hosted by our fitness and nutrition experts motivate you and share tips to help you achieve your goals, have more energy, and become healthier.