Frequently Asked Questions

After the age of 25 we begin to lose muscle tissue. In fact between the ages of 30 and 60 we lose 30% of our lean muscle mass. We don’t just lose it from the body but also from our vital organs! This muscle loss contributes towards cardiovascular problems, poorly functioning organs, reduced hormone secretion and slow down of our metabolism. This makes us look and feel older.

Not only does muscle loss cause all of these problems, but it also causes our metabolism, the rate at which we burn food and body fat for energy, to slow down by as much as 45%. Research shows that 90% of the calories we burn on a daily basis are burnt by our muscle tissue. Think of your muscle as a furnace, furiously converting food and body fat into energy. 

You can see this on a cold day when you exhale air as steam! As you get older, your furnace cools down. If your food intake remains the same each year, but your metabolism slows down, naturally you’ll gain weight, replacing firm lean muscle with soft unsightly fat. This loss of muscle will lead to lower energy and an ever increasing waistline.

The traditional route to weight loss and improved fitness is a combination of low-calorie starvation diets and / or aerobic exercise. Separately or together they result in weight loss, but often the weight loss is attributed to muscle loss rather than the more desirable body fat. 

In addition, most people who diet excessively or over-exercise regain weight in the long run, because of the drop in their metabolism, which is exactly the opposite of what you want. So the weight starts to creep up again as the exercise regime slackens and old eating habits restart.

Educogym focuses on the fact that 90% of calories burned on a daily basis is due to muscle, and the fact that each pound of muscle burns 50 to 100 calories per day means a modest gain of 3 lbs of muscle results in burning up to 300 calories more per day. The main goal is to help people regain muscle and lose body fat.

Educogym uses a carefully crafted system based on scientific research. The Educo model originates from Dr. Tony Quinn’s original research on the mind and his discovery of Unconscious Attention®.

Unconscious Attention® allows you to apply all of your mind to your goals and training. Using this level of attention may even make you aware of your life energy, your power within which will transform your shape, health, results and indeed your life.

We have programmes from as short as 12 days to a typical 12 month contract. All our programmes include a 1 hour consultation, monthly progress evaluations, personalised nutrition and exercise plans. Most importantly every training session is supervised by one of our expert coaches.

Membership prices vary based on what you are trying to achieve, duration and your preferred location. Typically they break down to approximately €50 – €60 per week. This includes nutrition, exercise training, consultations, and check-ups all under the supervision of our team.
The best thing about our programmes is – you need only 20 minutes sessions, three times a week

We operate in 15 locations across the Republic of Ireland and also a gym in Belize. You can get more details about the gyms in each of those locations here https://educogym.com/locations/.

All our sessions are by appointment only. We won’t waste your time with long and inefficient workouts or offer you a crowded gym where you must wait to use the machines. 

Our effective and personal booking system means that your training sessions can easily be slotted into your busy lifestyle. Our trainers will supervise each and every one of your workouts from start to finish and will only push you to your own personal limit.

We usually recommend gym training sessions. But, not to worry if that doesn’t suit you or you can’t make it to an Educogym. 

Our online fitness classes are designed to keep you strong and well-conditioned with no or limited equipment. We have scientifically designed programmes that help you lose weight, improve posture and understand how to use more of your mind to develop a strong mind-to-muscle connection, all while training from home.

The Educogym “Time Machine” is designed so you can go from one exercise to another without resting. As it allows you to train with more intensity. This activates your metabolism so you can achieve more results in less time. It also has a rejuvenating effect on the body by replacing lost muscle and turning back the clock!
Our famous 12 day programme is based on a university study where you train at high intensity and no rest, for 20 minutes. The main focus is to gain lean muscle tissue, as the more muscle you have on your body, the more you’ll burn fat. Having a clear goal improves your success rate. We map out a clear mental picture, and show you techniques to visualise your goal. We also teach you how to concentrate when exercising, so you get a mental workout, as well as a physical one.

A trainer will do three one-on-one sessions with a new client to habituate them to the exercise equipment. Subsequent sessions are supervised to make sure that you are pushed and doing the exercises correctly. Creating and maintaining the right mental attitude are the last but most important components.

‘If you can change a person’s image of himself or herself, you can motivate someone to train more intensively, and that’s what we are doing when we give them a goal to work towards. ‘In addition, the fast results give people a mental and emotional boost, which often causes them to continue and train harder.’

It is important to note that women don’t have the physical make-up to add large amounts of muscle so they tend to improve their tone and shape up rather than bulk up.

We generally customise the training plans to achieve your weight loss goals at a minimum rate of about 1 kg (2 lbs) per week. Then you need to add approximately half the time again that it takes to achieve your goal. The aim of the programme is to build lean tissue (muscle) and slow the ageing clock, preventing a myriad of aging issues. The more consistently you prioritise your health the better the results.
No, we do not have swimming classes.
We can only take clients from 16 yrs of age onwards, it’s a government requirement.
We customise the diet plans to suit your food preferences, so following them will not be an issue.
The programme is inexpensive when compared to personal training sessions, but gives you more benefits than just the accountability or supervision you get with many personal training sessions..


Our focused approach, innovative Time-Machine, and personalised intensive training programs are designed to get you amazing results in even less than 2 weeks time.


Our focused approach, innovative Time-Machine, and personalised intensive training programs are designed to get you amazing results in even less than 2 weeks time.