Unfortunately most gyms, diets and exercise programs fail. At Educogym® we use a proven system for results. To ensure you maximise the benefits of our system, we have included 10 vital features to ensure your success. These steps combine to create the unique educogym experience.

Goal Setting and Concentration

Your Educogym® instructor will help you set out a clear mental blueprint for success. They will also guide you to achieve an effortless form of concentration while exercising. This gives you a mental workout as well as a physical one, leaving you more focused and feeling mentally clear.


Personalised Exercise (only 20 minutes)

You may want to focus on increasing your fitness, circulation, muscle building or fat loss; build your arms or shrink your legs; every body is different. That’s why at Educogym®, we individualize your exercise program for your needs.


Personalised Nutrition

We personalize your nutrition program and help adapt it to your lifestyle. Whether it’s a low-fat, low-carb or low-glycemic diet, your instructor will guide you in order for you to achieve your goals.


One-to-One Consultations

A certified Educogym® instructor will look after you from day one beginning with an initial consultation. We record measurements, weight, body-fat, energy, concentration, and wellness. We also take a before photograph to have a visual marker of your starting point. Every six to eight weeks you will receive further consultations to assess your progress, give you feedback and to update your program.


Continuous Updates

Every six to eight weeks, your instructor will review your results and adjust your program. Exercising on the same routine for too long means your body can adapt to the program, responds less and results decline. By changing your routine regularly you can continue to advance. You can also choose to fine tune your shape by focusing on specific areas.


Supervised Training

Form, speed, resistance, sets, reps, concentration, intensity, motivation… our highly trained certified instructors ensure you perform these elements for superior results.


Group Dynamic

Research shows that exercising in groups produces better results. The small group atmosphere generates a buzz, motivation, support and a little bit of healthy competition!


Appointment Sessions

The majority of gym goers stop attending regularly within a matter of months. Having a schedule helps incorporate your 20 minute sessions into your busy lifestyle. This allows us to have your instructor available for close supervision on every session.


Certified Trainers

Educogym® instructors are vital to success. This is why they go through world-class training in nutrition, exercise and mind technology. They must be able to achieve the university standard results before they receive certification. They must also attend continuous training to maintain the high standard set in Educogym®.


Specialised Equipment

One reason for the successful results at Educogym® is the high level of intensity. This means being able to train without rest for up to 20 minutes. This is not possible in a normal gym as 50% of the time is wasted going from one machine to another and waiting for it to become available. That’s why it is necessary to have a specialized machine that allows you to save time.

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