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Empowering The World To Achieve Greater Mind Power And Lead Healthy Lives


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We are not just a regular gym; we are so much more. We are passionate about helping you to get your body, mind, life, and even your community into shape! 

Educo® model is derived from Dr. Tony Quinn’s original research in the area of life energy – discovering the power within ourselves. It is proved that we can literally at will, go from you to Super You if we can use our Unconscious Attention®

This doesn’t just apply to reducing body fat or becoming stronger and healthier, but includes meeting work goals or doing more for building relationships and even for making a difference in a community. 

EDUCO® Model At The Core

We're on the mission to train you on how to use more of your mind to tap into your unconscious energy and "Draw out a super you."

Our Promise to Give More

Our focused approach, innovative time-machine, and invigorating training programs are designed to get you amazing results in less time.



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We’ve Been Growing, But Our Priorities Always Stayed Strong​

Everything we do is driven by a passionate desire to deliver the best value for our members.


We are appointment based and ensure that the number of people training at any time is limited, so you get that complete attention and motivation from our personal fitness consultant.


The Educogym environment is like nothing you’ve experienced before. We provide a conducive atmosphere, that is both exciting, supportive, and result-oriented.


Clients are our first priority. We customise almost everything - our approach, workouts, and nutrition plans to map to your fitness goals. We are your personal trainers, nutritionists, and support team!

Real People, Real Experiences

Immune Boosting Tips From Educogym

Most people have heard the phrase “Eat the Rainbow” and there is a reason for this. Brightly coloured fruits and vegetables contain biologically active compounds called flavonoids and polyphenols which

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Educogym Podcasts

As you enter into your 30’s, you end to lose muscle mass from your vital organs, impacting your mind, body, life, and community. Educogym podcasts hosted by our fitness and nutrition experts motivate you and share tips to help you achieve your goals, have more energy, and become healthier.