"As a member of Educogym I’ve lost 39lbs, 5.8 inches off my waist and 5.65 off my tummy in 5 months. Everyone wants to look great, but how I feel is what stands out to me most. I’ve never felt more confident and motivated, not only in the gym but also life in general." H. Ellis
The personal care that I receive in EducoGym in Blackrock is outstanding. I am slowly transforming into a very active slim person. The eating regime which has been prescribed, suits my health and lifestyle. My health has improved to such an extend that my GP intends to take me off ALL medication for Type 2 Diabetes AND Blood pressure after Christmas.
Marian - Blackrock
Prior to joining Educogym in Blackrock, attending the gym was a chore. The tailored and intense program over 20 minutes means I can now build training into my daily schedule with benefits to both mind and body. The one to one attention from the expert and friendly trainers ensures that I use the equipment correctly and keeps me motivated to attend the gym 3 to 4 times a week.
Joe C - Blackrock
I am not one of those people who “loves” going to the gym, however, at 54 years of age I’m in the best shape of my life. This is thanks to the support and encouragement I receive from Rob and the Educogym Blackrock team. Week after week I get the advice and motivation I need to achieve my weight loss and fitness goals.
John G - Blackrock

This is my second time in Educo Gym Blackrock. I got the results I was looking for - 21lbs lost in 2014 in a short period of time which I kept off for the most part, but now I’m looking to stretch my goal. Educo is the perfect gym for me, the 20 minute resistance training which is so closely supervised by amazing trainers, that there is no cheating! If you follow the program, you get the results. I’ve never felt fitter, stronger or more confident!!

Denise Ceannt - Blackrock
I joined Educo because I wished to lose weight, tone my body, become fitter and gain strength in my muscles. The combination of weight training – with personal trainers – diet and suppplements worked well for me. I found the regular consultations, one to one with the trainer very beneficial.
Mary - Blackrock
Having achieved success in Educogym in the past I managed to keep the weight off for best part of 3 years, however the regular gym simply didn’t produce the results, losing muscle and definition, lack of motivation and time restraints with 1 hour plus workouts so I decided to rejoin Educogym. The value is in the results I have achieved, the trainers pushing me but also the attention to ensure my training routine and diet is personalised to my desired goal. The team always ensure the atmosphere is fun, supportive yet focused, I look forward to walking in everyday. 20 mins allows me to train regularly and always manage 3 sessions a week. Delighted with my body fat reduction, definition and strength within the 8 week challenge, clear goal going forward for 2018 and I know with the team in Blackrock I will achieve the physique, strength and focus I truly want. Educogym is for results, transformation and  now being in the best shape of my life.
Jason - Blackrock
I love Educogym Docklands and think everyone should join. I've never felt healthier or more energetic than when I'm following the programme. The size of the gym, the layout of the equipment, and the duration of the workouts make it quick and easy to fit training sessions into my very busy schedule. And the results certainly make me want to. I'm grateful to the team of trainers who are brilliant at motivating me to keep going and to give it my all. They're all very “something” and always available to answer questions and give advice when I need it. Please open an educogym in Johannesburg!!! Anna
Anna - Dublin Docklands
I would definitely recommend educogym. It's only 3, 20-minute sessions a week, so you have no excuses – it's by far the best regime out there for weight loss and muscle development. Each session only takes the same amount of time as it would to drink a pint!
Bob Haugh - Dublin Docklands
I joined educogym Gallery Quay six weeks ago. Following the training program and the diet given to me I've lost 10lbs of fat and maintained my muscle tone in that time. I find the short, supervised training time very beneficial both for my mind and body. It sets me up for the day. I now look forward to each training session and find the trainers in Gallery Quay excellent in every way. Thanking you, educogym.
Catherine Gleeson - Dublin Docklands
I am delighted with my results with Educogym! I really enjoyed the short intense sessions - they do work! The team is very friendly and really get to know you. Thank you everyone who kept “pushing” the weights. Now I feel fitter and stronger.
Aisling Curtin - Dublin Docklands
Since joining Educogym 1 year ago, the experience has been amazing. Firstly the staff have been extremely supportive and motivating. They are very helpful explaining the Educo concept very clearly and are always reassuring me of the good progress I am making during my check ups. The staff are always pleasant and in a great mood and they must really love what they do! Lastly the results have made it all worth while, I have achieved amazing results.
Annette Hughes - Dublin Docklands
I showed up to Educogym unfit, unhealthy and extremely nervous! From day one all the staff have been very friendly, helpful and willing to share their knowledge. In less than 10 days I feel fitter, healthier and most importantly happier. I have already brought my bother and sister to start in the gym.
Helen Dunne - Dublin Docklands
My experience at Educogym has been excellent from the great dietary advice, fantastic and friendly trainers that push you to achieve your goals to the excellent facilities, I can not recommend here (Educogym) highly enough. I am in better shape than I have been in 10 years.
Karol Keane - Dublin Docklands
The trainers have been instrumental in helping me to regain my focus and determination to lose weight. In training sessions they are always pushing me and helping me to get the best out of my workouts. This resulted in a weight loss of 12 pounds in the first 2 weeks. Overall I have more energy and I’m really happy with the results so far. I would definitely recommend this to my friends.
Louise O'Brien - Dublin Docklands
I have had great experience with Educogym since starting a few months ago. Under the guidance of trainers I have managed to reduce my weight and body fat percentage while building muscle and strength. I would highly recommend Educogym to everyone.
Martin R - Dublin Docklands
It’s only coming up to my third week at Educogym. I’m already feeling stronger and I am seeing results. The tailored programme, on site personal training and assistance is a serious motivator. The staff are excellent and observe, listen and advise on technique and progress. With the teams encouragement I have better focus and a better attitude when it comes to fitness. Thank you guys!
Sean O'Connor - Dublin Docklands
Educogym has helped me to not only integrate exercise as part of my life but also improve my confidence through their tailored workout sessions and diet plan. The team are always on hand to answer any questions and give advice on my exercise programme. I would highly recommend Educogym for anyone looking to get in shape in a friendly and welcoming environment.
Daniel Logue - Dublin Docklands
As a member of Educogym Dundrum I’ve lost 39lbs, 5.8 inches off my waist and 5.65 off my tummy in 5 months. Everyone wants to look great, but how I feel is what stands out to me most. I’ve never felt more confident and motivated in life, not only in gym life but also life in general. The gym itself is such a positive environment full of brilliant trainers who really care.
H. Ellis - Dundrum
When I first started at Educogym, I was so desperate that I could stick to a certain nutrition plan and workouts. However, after I joined Educogym I was surprised from the level of professionalism and how the team members are friendly and how they motivate their trainers so that they make the workout much easier and simple. I lost 5kgs in almost 15 days and that was my target! Definitely this is one of the best gyms that I ever joined and best team ever. Simon, Natalia, James and all the team are amazing. Tara the best consultant ever, big Thank you!
Sherif Thabet - Dundrum
My experience of Educogym can only be described as amazing. I joined the gym in despair and found from the onset a world of great trainers who took a personal interest in my wellbeing. Due to my determination + their help + the Educogym Regime I have lost 18lbs in 8 weeks. I would recommend Educogym to anyone who wishes to loose weight.
Sharon Seery - Dundrum
My first experience of a gym at age 66, inspired initially by Eoin Noone losing weight and getting into good shape I joined Educogym in April 2018. I wasn't able to lose weight no matter how hard I tried and had reached 15 stone. Went to Educogym and was introduced to the team. I had a consultation and said I would like to be about 12.5 stone. The training gym sessions are only 20 minutes and three times a week. The staff are friendly and motivating to continue the good work. The diet is efficient + involve a lifestyle change which is very successful. It is now July and I feel wonderful.
Diarmuid O'Nuallan - Dundrum
Coming to Educogym for me at first was a struggle having sustained back, hip and rib injuries in a car crash. I put on a substantial amount of weight, was unfit and unable to train. That has all changed now and thanks to the one to one support received while training here. What I like most about the training programme is short workouts that does not impact on your day too much. The results are noticeable very quickly once you commit to your training and diet. I would recommend this programme to people to transform their health.
MARK ROCK - Eccles Street
I find Kerstin and the entire team in Eccles Street extremely supportive personally and during my gym visits. For me personally, I have tried several other gyms and regimes over the years. I find Educo systems truly effective when bolstered up with the support of gym, its staff, effective supplementation and correct diet, you will achieve your goals!
TOM MCKEON - Eccles Street
Before joining Educogym I was overweight, flabby and had a lot of cellulite. I also noticed in the last few years my muscle tone was deteriorating rapidly. This all made me very unhappy and self conscious. Within 3 months of joining, I noticed a major improvement in my body shape. To date I have lost 3 stone. My body fat is gone from 40 % to 26%. I have toned up and gained muscle. Its like I had surgery without going under the knife. At 57 my body is in better shape than it was in my 20's. I feel great with lots of energy and much more confident. The training sessions last only 20 minutes and it's so easy to follow the gym's healthy food plan. Last but not least it's the trainers in the gym that make everything possible. I can't thank them enough for their support, encouragement, and advice. Educogym has transformed my life and can also transform yours. I feel fantastic, love the new me. I have a whole new sense of pride and
NORA N BHAOILL - Eccles Street
To anyone who seeks to know or are open to positivity. Having recently returned from an Educo seminar with a greatly refreshed mind and spirit it seemed only prim and proper to also get my body into shape. As it happened one of the participants on the seminar who himself looked the picture of health and indeed a credible individual recommended Eccles Street Gym as the place to go. So in November 2018 I went along for an assessment with asking that I simply wanted to flab down and tone up generally. I was delighted to find questions posed were answered with measurements etc. in a friendly and professional manner. In my own mind I was to give this everything. After just a few weeks with the one on one coaching I felt much better in spirit, mind and body. After three months I found myself evaluating my wardrobe choosing trousers and shirts to take for downsize. Compliments are in abundance from people I know about my new apparent appearance. Silly as it might sound is the fact that even lukewarm friends and strangers are far more engaging which is something I should just embrace in the feel good factor that is apparent. So thanks Kerstin and team at Educo Gym, Eccles Street for playing this new part in my elevated state. I sincerely hope my experience might strike a chord with you.
EUGENE HAINES - Eccles Street
Training in EducoGym is one amazing journey! It's like looking for the "one" right gym, right trainers, right time, right place! And I got more than I bargained for! My intention was to lose weight.. but I also gained knowledge and wisdom into how the mind works… I learned about loving myself more and be my own superhero! What more can I ask! Life gets better and better!
I highly recommend this gym. It’s nutrition, amazing training and a mind, body, Soul experience.
I love Educogym Naas and think everyone should join. I've never felt healthier or more enerjetic than when I'm following the programme. The size of the gym, the layout of the equipment, and the duration of the workouts make it quick and easy to fit training sessions into my very busy schedule. And the results certainly make me want to. I'm grateful to the team of trainers who are brilliant at motivating me to keep going and to give as my all. They're all very “something” and always available to answer questions and give advice when I need it. Please open an educogym in Johannesburg!!! Anna.
Anna - Naas
“I found Educogym fantastic. The diet plan is very easy to stick to, this is my third time returning and each time the results are getting better and better. The first time I did it I stuck to the healthy diet plan and cut out all the unhealthy food  I was eating. I have stuck to this over the last four years and I can really see the difference in my body, it has given me more confidence as I feel much better”.
Ciara Mooney - Naas
“It is true this program works. Invest in yourself, I did it. After battling serious illness over the past two years this is what I needed, to get my mind and body back on track. The team I had were excellent and very helpful pushing me to do my best. There is no more to say just it works, just 20 minutes to achieve results. My life, my mind, my confidence, my results. Thank you Educogym”.
Rochelle Campbell - Naas
My aim  for the programme was to lose weight, a minimum of 14lbs. The nutrition helped me reach my goal. The trainers are excellent , they are very encouraging. I reached my targets and now in a better place then I have been for 20 years! I feel better, have more energy and am eating healthier. I am in better shape also.  I completed my full course whereas when I joined a normal gym , I was gone in a few weeks. I have more energy and better concentration when taking the supplements”.
Cathal Kelly - Naas
“ I had experience 10 years ago of Educogym and it was great. My goal is to lose a considerable amount of weight and to get fit . The instructors are excellent. I have lost 16 lbs in 6 weeks and feel alive again! It’s a life changer. I have clearer thinking and better concentration. I feel alive and more confident.”
Tony Donnelly - Naas
“ I am training for more than a year at Educogym. In that time I have had a very positive experience with good mental and physical results.  Initially, I came for physical results, however after circa 6 months the mental benefits came more to the core. Since then my training is all about the complete package of training body & mind. The trainers are of huge support in pushing me to achieve my desired outcomes. The training has transformed every aspect of my life, I would recommend this experience for the last year to anybody feeling stuck in their lives.”
Ian Browne - Naas
“ I would like to say what I liked most about Educogym was the encouragement at each and every session from the consultant. Their belief in me and my ability to push myself, to challenge me especially on days I didn’t feel up to the challenge is unique in a gym situation (in my experience). This is not just one to one training, it is above and beyond and it’s what separates you from the rest. I would like to mention in person Raff, absolutely fantastic for his positivity, challenging me and encouragement. Thank you.”
Kathleen Scully - Naas
“ I have found the Educo programme to be excellent. Since joining 6 months ago, I have lost almost 2 stone and went from a size 14 to a size 8. More importantly, I have developed a habit of exercise and healthier eating. What is great about the programme is the professional and knowledgeable training consultants. I have worked with Raff who is excellent! The ongoing feedback and guidance on exercises and diet help to keep you focused and goal driven. The positive and friendly environment of the gym also add to the overall positive experience of the Educogym. I would highly recommend Educogym for anyone trying to loose weight and get in better shape.”
Lisa O'Regan - Naas
“ I chose Educogym, as I had seen great results first hand. My brother in law had been attending for a few months  The programme has me doing a lot more research on my food and diet, I think all the family will benefit . For me its the supervision. I had a programme in my old ‘regular’ gym but it didn’t move up a gear and I didn't get the results I wanted.  I am only 2 1/2  weeks in and the results way exceed my expectations. I lost 2.4 inches off my tummy which was my target area”
Lisa Foley - Naas
“ I have been to Educogym before, there is no other gym that works like this. The nutrition is great, easy to follow. The instructors are excellent. They are friendly, professional and very focused. The results have matched my expectations  regarding weight loss and strength . I am really delighted with the improvement in my shape and toning. I have more energy and have a better sense of well being. I definitely  notice a difference taking the casein protein.  You get what you pay for - Results!”
Dee Scallan - Naas
“ My aim for my programme was to improve my running ability. My experience of the instructors was superb , they are the best. I found the benefits from the programme include better quality of life, Educo is a lifestyle for me.  I cannot compare Educogym to other programme as it is so different. A standard gym is too boring and not an interest to me . The group dynamic is great, keeps you focused. I am brighter in the mornings and have increased muscle mass from taking the Educogym supplements. I am getting such good results the value speaks for itself”.
Gerry Burn - Naas