The Glycemic Index Handout

The Glycemic Index Handout

The glycemic index ranks foods on how they affect our blood sugar levels. This index measures how much your blood sugar increases in the two or three hours after eating. The glycemic index is about foods high in carbohydrates.

Foods high in fat or protein don’t cause your blood sugar level to rise as much. When you make use of the glycemic index to prepare healthy meals, it helps to keep your blood sugar levels under control. This is especially important for people with diabetes, although athletes and people who are overweight also stand to benefit from knowing about this relatively new concept in good nutrition.

Scientists have so far measured the glycemic indexes of about 800 high carbohydrate foods. The key is to eat little of those foods with a high glycemic index and more of those foods with a low index. This handout gives you an idea of what food items to include in diet. Download the FREE handout now!

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