Cell Rejuvenation Mix 180 Tablets


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Much more than a multivitamin!
CELL REJUVENATION MIX (CRM) is an advanced nutritional product with 53 separate high-quality ingredients. As well
CRM has the full spectrum of high-potency multi-vitamins and minerals, with advanced plant and fruit extracts

Some of these powerful nutrients are hard to obtain in a regular multivitamin, often for reasons of cost. CRM offers them all ” in single” a convenient daily dose saving you time and a lot of money. In particular, CRM has Vitamin D in a quantity large enough to accord with current recommendations together with coenzyme Q10 and….’. an excellent level of bone-related Vitamin K2. Many of CRM’s nutrients also are directed at strengthening the ”immune system” and helping the liver perform its detoxification functions. The ingredients in Tony Quinn Cell Rejuvenation Mix help contribute to the ”benefits below”

  • Eyes and Skin.  (Vit A).
  • Healthy Immune System. (B 12).
  • Energy (Vit C, Niacin).
  • Collagen Formation. (Vit C).
  • Thyroid Function. (Iodine).
  • Fertility. (Zinc).
  • Healthy Ageing. (Lycopene).
  • Breathing and lungs. (Hesperitin).
  • Improve concentration and coordination.
  • Bones, gums, teeth and hair health. (Magnesium, Vit C, Biotin).

CRM is manufactured in Ireland by EU standards. EU through its Scientific Committee has recently completed a series of special studies covering many of the ingredients in CRM. This investigation has validated and approved claims we have made for this product since its introduction in 2007. Not for use in pregnancy or Breastfeeding

*Results may vary for each individual and we cannot guarantee specific results.

Additional information

180 Tablets

The standard intake is 6 tablets per day to be divided over meals.


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