5 Elements That Can Affect Your MOBILITY

Mobility has a tremendous impact on your quality of life … because when you can move better, you just plain feel better.

It’s being able to reach overhead to get something off the top shelf or easily bending down to pick up something on the floor. Or even being able to turn your head to look over your shoulder. And it’s also about getting into a deep squat or performing Olympic lifts safely!

It Affects:

  • How your body feels when you get up in the morning
  • The ease of your daily activities
  • How limber you stay as you get older
  • Your overall fitness, strength, and performance

5 Elements That Can Affect Your MOBILITY

  1. AGE:

As you get older, your mobility tends to go down. Factors playing a role:

  • Less lubricating fluid in your joints
  • Thinner cartilage around your joints
  • Shorter ligaments

But you have more control over that than you might think! Many age-related changes to your joints are caused by one thing …


Moving your joints regularly helps keep the fluid moving around them, while inactivity can cause cartilage to shrink and stiffen, reducing your joint mobility.

No matter your age, being more active can help improve mobility.


We all are put together a bit differently, and some of us have joints that allow more movement than others.

Plus, we can have individual differences in our fascia (more on that shortly) and connective tissues.


If there is a lot of muscle or adipose (fat) tissue surrounding a joint, it can physically prevent your joints from moving through their full range of motion.

Example: a bodybuilder with large biceps and triceps muscles that get in the way of fully extending or contracting their elbows.


Trauma or tissue damage from repetitive use can also play a role in joint mobility.

As you can imagine, mobility is vital when it comes to having a body that performs for you in everyday life.

We are running a free 6-Day Mobility Challenge. In our Mobility Challenge workbook you’ll find lots of helpful advice and exercises to improve your mobility, no matter what your age.

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