5 Top Healthy Christmas Gift Ideas For A Personal Touch

This is the last from our series on Christmas gift ideas. Here are some more ideas if you are looking for a special gift with a personal touch or unique gift card options … We’ve got plenty of ideas waiting for you from mind and body tools to food and drinks.

  • Massage Gun

Get a great DIY massage anywhere with the Lifepro Dyna Mini Massage Gun. It helps target sore muscles for pain-free movement and faster recovery.

  • Bath Salts

Give them a soothing bath bomb or Epsom salts potion to help them soak their hardworking muscles.

  • Cosy Beanie

A natural fibre beanie will help them stay warm after a strenuous workout.

  • Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket does more than keep them feeling warm & cosy. It can help relieve stress, promote relaxation, and help battle anxiety.

  • Massage

Consider a gift certificate for a massage with a licensed therapist. There are dozens of types of massage, including shiatsu, hot stone, and deep tissue. A chair massage might be a great starting point for someone new to massage therapy.

  • Yoga Straps

A yoga strap can be a helpful tool when it comes to improving flexibility. It can help them to safely go deeper into their stretches while maintaining good form.


What books had the biggest impact on you this year? Share them with your friends and family. You can fill their bookcase (or e-reader)with books that inspire.

TIP: Make it even more meaningful by including a note about the book and why you chose it for them.


Treat your coffee-loving friend to a superfood latte mix … your busy buddy to a free delivery of a food delivery subscription box … or assemble a DIY Send them a gift basket packed with favourite recipe and all the ingredients, good-for-you treats, like the baby vegetable crate from Harry & David … or a healthy snack basket from Thrive Market.

For the wine lover on your list, a bottle of their favourite brand or vintage is a fun idea. Or amp up the healthy factor by sending them a bottle of lower sugar “fit” wine.


Help them soothe those hard-working muscles with a gift certificate for a massage … or buy them a massage gun.

Another great idea: a good-quality foam roller!


This is the ultimate fitness and wellness gift.

For newcomers, a custom training programme can get them started on the right foot, learning the fundamentals from a professional. For experienced fitness enthusiasts, it can help them take their results to the next level with customized programming and coaching.

We wish you a happy, fit and healthy life. Our brand-new 2021 Healthy Holiday Gift Guide is packed with fun and healthy gift ideas for everyone from your favourite gym-goer to your great-grandparents 🎄. It’s 100% free as our gift to you. You can download the guide https://www.educogymsecrets.com/healthy-christmas-gift-guide

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