8 Simple Tips For Your Mindfulness

8 Simple Tips For Your Mindfulness

The secret to mindfulness is that there really is no secret!

You don’t need access to insider mantras, you don’t have to join an exclusive club, and there aren’t any special things you need to buy.


Many things in our society can work against mindfulness, which can make learning this skill a challenge.

Here are 8 Simple Tips For Your Mindfulness

1.Start small. Begin with something easy, like taking 1 or 2 long, slow breaths.

2.Place reminders on your desk, in your home, in your car, or anywhere else you spend a lot of time to prompt you to take a mindful moment. This could be as simple as a pebble or shell you collected on your last vacation.

3.Experiment with different techniques. Try journaling, meditating, doodling, walking, sitting in nature, prayer, or whatever appeals to you!

4.Find a calm space just for you.
If you work in a hectic environment or have a busy household, look for a quiet spot to relax. This could mean stepping outside of the office for a few minutes every day … placing a comfy chair in your bedroom as a personal getaway … or staking out a corner in your dining room to enjoy a cup of tea.

5.Become a listener. During your next conversation, focus on what the person you’re speaking with is saying, vs. thinking about your response.

6.Put your phone away. Place it in a drawer, in another room, for a set period of time. Start with just 15 minutes and work up from there. If this isn’t possible, simply set your phone aside and don’t look at it for a specific period of time.

7.Be grateful. Come up with a list of 5 things you are grateful for right now, in this moment. 

8.Perform an act of random kindness (and don’t tell anyone). This is a feel-good exercise for everyone involved.

We hope these tips can help you find a spark of mindfulness and connection! You will be able to refocus and connect with your “why” – which in turn can help you build on your healthy habits with more ease and clarity.

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