What is ageing and is rejuvenation possible?

Interested in losing weight, increasing energy and achieving superior health, all while looking and feeling younger? Learn how to experience true rejuvenation!

So the day arrives when you take that cursory glance in the mirror and gasp, what has happened? It seems to happen out of the blue, as if one moment you have a particular image of yourself and then it’s shattered! At that very moment you consider, even for a split second, taking some very necessary action. 

Your mind follows a familiar train of thought…what action? I’ll do more exercise, I’ll join a gym, I’ll employ a personal trainer, I’ll watch what I eat, etc! Sounds familiar right? For many of us it’s this train of thought that’s gruelling enough. 

Normally to the point that zero action follows! I honestly believe it’s the lack of results and the sheer effort and will power involved that puts most people off! The good news is that it’s much easier than you realise!

What do people normally do?

Let’s face it, hours of aerobic exercise and low calorie dieting are about as fun as a kick in the you know where and here’s the real kicker…they don’t work! What? Seriously, they don’t work. 

Here’s why: 

Most people don’t understand why we get out of shape in the first place. 

You’ve been lead to believe it’s all about eating too much (greedy) or doing too little (lazy)! Not according to research.

Why we get fat!

Here’s the real story: 

After the age of 25, our hormones (chemical messengers that cause our bodies to change) undergo a dramatic switch around as we stop growing. This causes us to begin to lose muscle from all over the body, not just from the muscles we see, but also the ones we don’t see, such as in our vital organs. 

By the time we are 60 we will lose 30% of our muscle mass! Naturally this can lead to cardiovascular problems, reduced hormone secretion and poorly functioning organs.

Why we become fatter!

Worse still, not only does muscle loss cause all of these problems, it also slows down our metabolism by up to 45%! Think of it this way – your muscle is like a furnace, furiously burning food and body fat for energy. 

However as you get older your furnace begins to cool and if your food intake remains the same each year, you will gain weight. Studies indicate that 90% of the calories you burn on a daily basis are burnt by your muscle tissue and each pound of muscle burns between 50 and 100 calories per day.

 Less muscle will equate to more fat gain and less energy. So remember this, because it is vital, science says you must must hold on to your muscle tissue.

What do people normally do?

So what do people normally do when they want to lose weight, become fitter or even healthier? They believe exercise is important and they believe that portion control, when it comes to food, is crucial. Again, not according to research.

Traditional solutions don’t work

Studies have shown that following an aerobic exercise based programme, because of how it impacts your hormones, will cause you to lose muscle. So you may think you’re onto a winner because you’ve lost weight but unfortunately 25% – 60% of the weight loss can be muscle. 

Over the long term the loss of muscle will cause a slow down to your metabolism. Consequently you’ll become fatter and more lethargic. The research on low calorie diets is worse. Up to 90% of weight loss while following a low calorie diet can be muscle. This can have a disastrous effect on your health and energy levels long term. 

Remember you don’t want your vital organs to shrink and become weaker! I really hope I’m putting this across clearly enough. Don’t follow a programme that ultimately causes you to lose muscle. You are in fact speeding up the ageing process!

The solution

So what should you do? The educogym system is based on a university research study that proved it was possible to regain lost muscle (the average muscle gain was 3.5 lbs) AND lose fat (the average fat loss was an incredible 7.5 lbs) over a 12 day period, while performing only 20 minutes of exercise per day or just 4 hours in total (see image  for an example of the results in real terms).


The participants on the study also followed a low glycemic diet (low in sugar and processed foods) and took certain food supplements. The study proved that it was possible to effect great change in the body composition of the participants by simply impacting their hormones in a positive way. 

The people involved also experienced great increases in strength, energy and vitality.

A revolutionary gym was born

Normally such a study would sit on a shelf and gather dust. However the changes experienced were so dramatic that the Educogym concept was born (as far as we know this was the fastest study on record to produce such life changing results). 

What do we do different in Educogym? We realise that health, energy, fitness and rejuvenation are actually dependent on muscle tissue and a person’s hormonal balance. It has very little to do with how far you can run and nothing to do with starving yourself! 

By following the science on ageing we know you must hold on to muscle, so we’ve designed a gym to replicate our university research. We’ve chosen the best type of exercise, the best of nutrition and cutting edge supplements to impact the body in the most perfect way with the least amount of effort!

Educogym Personal training weight Loss

Become a mental athlete!

We also do something else that’s completely unique, we involve the mind. Our study showed that involving more of a person’s mind helped them achieve superior results. Our team are trained to show our clients how to focus on an end outcome to enhance motivation and drive, improving results. 

Research also shows that people who can focus on an activity to the exclusion of all else will experience a level of mental relaxation, which in itself causes a release of much needed mental energy. As stress appears to be at an all time high, surely now more than ever people need this the most? 

Hopefully this article will cause you to change the way in which you approach exercise and diet. If you feel you’d like more guidance and expertise, we would love to help transform you. 

Why not try our superb 6 week programme and give us a good go or if you’d like to understand more about what we do, purchase the trial (see homepage). You have nothing to lose except that excess weight, the constant low energy maybe even that stress! 

See you soon then!


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