It’s no secret that your mind and body fitness correlates directly with your life. As you enter into your 30’s, you get a lot busier with personal and professional commitments. On the other side, you tend to lose muscle mass from your vital organs. All these problems can impact your mind, body, life, and community.

Research studies suggest that resistance training, when coupled with unconscious attention, can help you to be in the best shape of your life. Our team of Experts, senior consultants, and trainers take this fact to a new level, sharing their knowledge and experiences through our Podcasts.

Educogym podcasts are dedicated to accelerated learning and helping you to achieve your goals, have more energy, and become healthier.

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Episode 05: Hormones and Weight Loss

This episode focuses on Hormones and how they impact on weight loss in both men and women, as they get older. Jamie Myerscough, the CEO of Educogym will share his knowledge with us, along with a few tips.

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Episode 04: Metabolic Syndrome

This episode focuses on Metabolic Syndrome and how it affects us. We will also listen to two happy customers of Educogym.

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Episode 03: Workplace Wellbeing

This episode focuses on wellness. We will listen to two happy customers of Educogym and also get some tips from Jamie on wellness at workplace. The philosophy of Educogym is not just shaping your body, but also your mind, life and community.

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Episode 02: Success Story of Victor and Fiona

From You to Super You. Educogym’s fitness model takes a holistic approach to improve physical health, mental health, and clarity of thoughts. Educogym could bring success and positive change in two lives- Victor and Fiona. Listen to their life-changing transformation stories with Aileen Omeara.

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Episode 01: Success Story of Shane

A powerful model for getting your body, mind into shape. Listen to Shane’s life changing transformation story with Aileen Omeara.

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