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Educogym comes from the Latin word educo, the root of education which means to educe, to draw out or to develop from within. Traditional education is about cramming information into your mind and then hoping that will achieve a better lifestyle or life. The Educo model is about drawing something out of your mind (as opposed to cramming in) to achieve results.

There are numerous different studies along with the research done by Educogym that have shown that the power of the mind can definitely make a difference, when you’re looking to achieve more success.

This will all start if you can understand how your mind works, which most people don’t. Scientists believe that people use only 5% – 10% percent of their minds at any given time, hour or even per day. Which means we access only a very small amount of our potential.

Our Mind is what impacts our lives the most. It impacts every second of our life, how you perceive what’s going on around you and how you deal with different challenges in your life. So, if you can understand about your mind and how to utilize it, you can naturally achieve more success.

The Conscious and Unconscious Mind:

Understanding about your mind and how to use it, is the most important aspect as it can influence everything that happens in your life.

The famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud depicted the human mind as an iceberg. It’s quite likely you have heard terms like the conscious mind and the unconscious or subconscious mind. Freud described the small part of the iceberg, that’s visible above the water, as the conscious mind and the far greater part below the water (the part that sank the Titanic) as the unconscious mind.

A more recent article published by Scientific American Magazine in January 2014 used Freud’s analogy and had an image of the brain as an iceberg on their front cover. The image was used to highlight the influence of the subconscious mind. In the headline article, scientists from Yale University emphasised the importance of understanding about the unconscious mind. They said

“To make our way in the world, we need to learn to come to terms with our unconscious self”….

“…it exerts a profound influence: shaping decisions, moulding behaviour and running our lives.”

Educogym is about understanding how your mind works and how to realize the potential of your mind. Imagine for example that one day a person reads about the benefits of joining a gym, fitness and getting into shape. Their conscious mind may then decide that they want to get into better shape and that they want to be healthier. It’s a conscious decision.

With all the willpower in the world they phone up a gym that they know of or that’s close to them and organise to join.

At the same time, their unconscious mind, which is full of memories, learnings, and understandings that they’ve picked up over time, from past experiences and even from society, thinks in a different way. It throws up thoughts such as “I’ve always been out of shape”, “My family history is all about being unhealthy”, “I’m doomed to failure” etc. Which means that their conscious and unconscious mind are effectively divided and work separately and even in completely different directions!

So the unconscious mind, which is far more powerful than the conscious mind, starts moving in the opposite direction and can overpower the conscious mind. This doesn’t just apply to fitness, you can quickly relate this to other areas of your life as well.

The Educo model focuses on getting a person to understand how to use their unconscious mind. We spend time with you to come up with a vision or a goal, something that will excite and motivate you. We make that goal stand out in your mind and then train you to make sure that the conscious and unconscious minds effectively are moving in the same direction giving you clarity of purpose or direction. One Mind!

We also teach people to improve greater focus and attention, greater clarity of thoughts and how to concentrate better. You’ll notice straight away that this is very good for your mental health.

The Power of Paying Attention:

Our modern world is the age of ‘devices’. Phones, tablets (the electronic kind), computers and the Internet consume so much of our time and attention. People are often shocked when they see how much time they’re actually spending on devices. The average person spends more than 4 hours per day on different devices!

Your life force or energy is constantly trying to bring you into a sense of flow where things are moving all nicely together in unity but when we have all these devices that constantly break our attention, this becomes virtually impossible.

If you look at success in terms of happiness or great relationships or a great life in general, you’ll very quickly see that’s what people are interested in is trying to get everything to go in the right direction to have a sense of flow and attention is often highlighted as the key thing in getting great results.

So, the more that you can pay attention typically we’d all agree that this will lead to greater success, as long as the attention is focused on the right areas!

But nowadays more and more of our attention is broken and fragmented. This is the other aspect of Educogym that is so vital to results. We teach you how to pay more attention and how to practice paying attention. We teach people to gain a very deep level of attention called Unconscious Attention.

Unconscious attention may be defined as the flow or being in the zone and there’s a particular way that you can get the person into the flow from the research.

Currently there are 19 different universities that are studying about the flow or zone and they have highlighted all sorts of benefits when people experience this state including the ability to perform at a much higher level.

Peak performance happens when you’re in the flow. So, teaching people and getting them to practice being in the flow is an essential part of what we do. You may hear people talk about ‘Mindfulness’, surely using more of your mind and holding your attention on what you are doing is the ultimate in mindfulness!

The Educogym model is not just about shaping up your body but shaping your mind as well.

We hope you have found these facts interesting and useful. Stay tuned for our next post!


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