Healthy Christmas Gift Guide – Healthy Ideas for Stocking Stuffers

It’s time for shopping Christmas Gifts. Are you looking for a creative and healthy gift idea?

A few of our clients asked us for some suggestions. We had a lot of fun putting together this list for them. Our guide is packed with healthy and inspiring wellness & fitness gifts that can go to everyone on your list.

So, we wanted to share them with you, too, in case they’re helpful. To start with…. we have Stocking Stuffers.

Stocking Stuffers – Small Christmas Gifts With Big Impact

1.Cooling Towels

Your favourite gym-goer or outdoor enthusiast would appreciate a cooling towel to help them fight the heat.

2. Weighted Eye Mask

This one’s for the person who is serious about their sleep (and their beauty routine). A weighted eye mask can help ease headaches, block out light, reduce stress, and even battle eye puffiness.

3. Inspiring Jewellery

A personalised piece of jewellery can serve as a reminder of what matters to them and help motivate, relax, focus and inspire. There are so many options … from a simple charm (like a barbell!) or a pendant with a favourite quote.

4. Resistance Bands

A great fitness tool to create much needed resistance in your workout … they are really neat and most importantly take up no space! Use them for a fast and fun way to get in a workout while you’re at home or on the road.

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5. Essential Oil Blends

Find the perfect blend of essential oil for your wellness-loving friends. You can find or create blends to help energise and elevate your mood … reduce stress … relieve headaches, and everything in between. These are always a winner!

6. Warm Gloves

A bit of a cliche but…warm gloves are a much-appreciated gift for anyone who does a lot of outdoor activities (running, biking, dog walking, skiing, etc.).

TIP: For optimal warmth, make sure the outer layer is waterproof.

7. Organic Lip Balm

We all know someone who always has a stick (or two!) of lip balm in their pockets. Make sure they don’t run out by supplying them with several sticks of their favourites.

8. Coffee Mug

Make coffee time even more enjoyable with a just-for-them mug featuring their favourite superhero, quote, author, or past-time. My favourite mug has a quote!

9. Avocado Huggers

For your friends who LOVE avocados … these great little covers will keep their avocados fresh for a very long time. These are always a hit!

10. Meditation Cards

The gift that keeps on giving. A deck of meditation cards is a great way to “bring awareness, calm, and joy to everyday life.”

11. Mini Honey Set

Nothing makes for a sweeter gift than some delicious, high-quality honey. This gift will last a long time, and is always a winner. Great for anyone on your list.

Hope you find these Christmas gift ideas inspiring and useful. Looking for some more ideas? We have a lot more…Stay tuned to our posts.


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