How Posture And Core Strength Can Affect Your Mood And Digestion

How Posture And Core Strength Can Affect Your Mood And Digestion

We’ve been talking a lot about your core and how important is it. In this post we will go a bit deeper into how your posture (and core strength) can affect your mood, stress levels, and digestion.

1. Posture Affecting Mood:

Take a second and imagine you’re at work, sitting in front of your computer. Or maybe you’re zoning out while scrolling through your phone. Chances are you’re sitting in a slouch, your shoulders rounded over your chest and abs.

Well did you know that this posture is actually linked with feeling depressed and tired!? Honestly!

Plus, among other things, it constricts the flow of air into your lungs.

UGH. Now, let’s say you catch yourself slouching and so you sit up straight, your chest forward and back arched.

Well … sitting TOO upright – with your ribcage and pelvis pulled in opposite directions – is linked with stress and anxiety.

Just like the slouched posture, it affects airflow in your lungs. It also stimulates the part of your nervous system that’s responsible for your body’s fight or flight response!

Double UGH. The goal is to be STRONG in a NEUTRAL position, not slouching or arching.

Slouching Proper Posture = Instant Mood Boost!

But, how do you do it, consistently?

It takes a little practice to keep an eye on your posture. You may need to set some reminders, like setting an alarm on your phone to alert you to check your posture.

Or use your watch or bracelet as a reminder- and every time you look at it, you do a quick posture check.

Once you get in the habit of it, it becomes second nature. Another thing that can make a BIG difference is adding specific core exercises into your routine. Exercises that keep your core in that all-important neutral position – without encouraging a leaning-forward posture.

2.Posture Affecting Digestion:

Your core muscles and your posture go together like white on rice. And … interestingly enough … so does your posture and your digestive system. How you sit or stand after you eat can play a surprising role in how your body functions!

There are 2 Different Ways Your Posture Affects Digestion

  • Slouching after a meal can trigger acid reflux.

When you’re leaning forward, it can put pressure on your abdomen, which can force stomach acid up into your oesophagus. This isn’t only uncomfortable. Over time, it can lead to damaging the lining of both your oesophagus and your throat. Not good!

  • Slouching may contribute to bloating.

Studies suggest the pressure caused by slouching actually slows down gas/waste as it travels through your intestines, potentially leading to bloating and discomfort. If you experience bloating after you eat, check your posture!

Those are just two reasons why it’s important to keep those core muscles strong – so they can support your body in a neutral and balanced posture! You’ll notice a difference in your fitness, plus it can have a big impact on how you feel and move after you eat.

Having a strong, balanced posture helps give you energy and confidence to get the most out of each day and live your highest quality life! If you are looking to make your core stronger be sure to check out our FREE -day Stronger to the Core Challenge guide. you can download the guide here.

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