Get Precise Body Composition
Assessment In 45 Seconds

Unlock Your Full Potential With An InBody Scan

Tired of generic fitness advice and traditional scales that only measure weight?

Our InBody Body Composition Analysis Scan takes a smarter approach. It goes beyond just measuring weight, helping you see what you’re really made of. 

The scan offers a full analysis of your body’s composition including muscle mass, body fat percentage, water distribution, and more. This holistic view helps you understand your overall health and fitness levels enabling you to set realistic goals and customise your fitness and nutrition plans.

How To Use The InBody 570 Body Composition Scan

Using the InBody 570 is simple and non-invasive.

Wear comfortable, non-metallic clothing and avoid eating or drinking for a few hours before your scan. 

The scan is quick and straightforward, taking only a few minutes. Follow these easy steps:

  • Remove shoes and socks. Wipe down your hands and feet with an InBody tissue.
  • Step on the InBody and align your feet with the foot electrodes. Wait for the weight to be measured.
  • Enter the last four digits of your phone number in your member ID, followed by your personal information. 
  • Hold the hand electrodes to begin.
  • Keep arms straight and away from the torso. Stand straight and wait until the scan is completed.

Your results will be generated instantly, providing you with a detailed breakdown of your body composition.

Features Of InBody 570

The InBody 570 uses advanced BIA technology to provide accurate results that are highly correlated with gold-standard methods.

Pain-free testing with no needles, X-rays or other invasive methods. Safe, low-level currents are sent via hand and foot electrodes.

Body composition results are based purely on impedance, without assumptions based on gender or age.

Data is automatically saved to Lookin’Body Web. This feature simplifies tracking your progress over time, allowing you to make informed decisions based on data.

The efficiency of the InBody 570 is unmatched, delivering comprehensive body composition data in just 45 seconds.

With the InBody 570, you gain access to an extensive range of body composition metrics (over 40 parameters) providing a complete picture of your health.

Benefits Of InBody 570 Body Composition Analysis Scan

Goal Setting

Establish realistic health and fitness goals based on accurate data.

Injury Prevention

Identify imbalances or health risks not visible through traditional methods.

Customised Plans

Tailor your fitness and nutrition plans based on your unique body composition.

Track Progress

Monitor changes in your body composition over time and visualise progressing towards your goals.

Affordable And Accurate Body Analysis For Everyone

No more guessing or waiting for a quote.
Get precise body analysis affordably for only €57.

This is an introductory offer and is available only for a limited time.

Get Valuable Insights In Just Minutes

The InBody 570 Body Composition Analysis Scan provides you with a detailed report outlining your measurements with over 40 parameters including;

Results From The InBody 570 Body Composition Analysis Scan

Get your InBody test result delivered straight to your mobile as a PDF. You can also download the free InBody App from Google Play or the App Store to easily view your results and test history.

Take Charge Of Your Health With Educogym's 570 InBody Body Composition Analysis Scan

Empower yourself with accurate information and make informed decisions about your health and fitness goals.
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