Amino-Or Amino Acid Powder


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Ireland’s simple answer to staying in shape for 30 years. Amino-Or is an amino acid, a natural part of the protein, which helps the body burn fat and firm and tone the underlying tissue. In order to work, it must be taken on its own, apart from food. Ideally taken before bed or an hour before training.

Have you ever noticed that you weigh less in the morning than you did at night? This is because an important part of your body’s fat-burning process takes place at night-time. Unfortunately, a person who has a certain level of fat built up over time can get into a state where this process is not working too well. For the fat-burning process to work properly it is essential first of all that you do not eat before bed.

The ideal fasting time is three hours. After that, you may benefit from the use of a suitable food supplement that can enhance the process. The great advantage of harnessing this natural process is that your body will tend to selectively burn fat, not firm tissue.

Recommended use: Particularly helpful in conjunction with the right type of healthy eating program and exercise, where fat loss is required.


Weight: 200 gms

1-3g daily with water half an hour before bedtime or as directed by a practitioner. Athletes and trainers may take up to 6g in conjunction with training. ½ = teaspoon = 2g approx.

Amino-Or must be taken on an empty stomach with only water, not milk or juice. For best results, it is essential to abstain from all food for at least 2 hours before and 1½ hours after taking Amino-Or.