Energy-C Sachet - Box 30


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Many Irish people in the nineteenth century consumed about 400 mg Vitamin C a day: for half the population, the daily diet consisted of about seven pounds of Vitamin C-rich potatoes for each adult. Estimates of the Vitamin C content of real “Paleo” diets, such as our hunter-gatherer ancestors probably ate, are in the 200-300 mg daily range.

Energy-C is a food supplement designed to provide Vitamin C in conjunction with essential co-factors, which may be taken in the form of a pleasant-tasting drink.Vitamin C, together with the other vitamins, minerals and nutrients in Energy-C, has benefits for many body systems and functions and continues to be one of the most scientifically studied of all food factors due to its wide-ranging potential. Vitamin C may be used up by stress, including the stress of intense exercise. Energy-C provides the perfect way for you to replenish your body stores. The original RDA for Vitamin C was for 30mg, raised to 60mg in 1991 and with the latest recommendations being now 110mg for men and 80 mg for women (EU, 2013). People in Europe today consume from 80mg to 120mg Vitamin C daily, varying by country.

Recommended use

Vitamin C One Gram daily. Energy, Health and Immune support for all, and Trainers in particular. Combats tiredness and fatigue.

*Results may vary for each individual and we cannot guarantee specific results.

Additional information

30 Sachets

Adults – one sachet daily or as directed by a practitioner. Children over three – one-half sachet daily.