Proform Natural 1Kg


Model: 1680

Weight: 1.25kg

SKU: 1680

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Proform Natural Protein – Studies have shown that calcium caseinate remains in the body for up to 7 hours after it is taken and has a prolonged anti-catabolic effect. It also has the bonus of being extremely rich in calcium, helping to keep bones and nerves healthy. Proform Natural contains 99% calcium caseinate, yielding a massive 98% protein content and it contains no sweeteners of any kind. The result is an extremely high-yield, sugar-free protein food for those who wish to increase their protein intake while controlling their sugar intake.

  • High protein (98%)
  • 7-hour anti-catabolic effect
  • Sugar / Carb free
  • Fat-free
  • High calcium content
  • Guaranteed to contain no whey

Additional information

Weight: 1 kg

Full Serving: Mix 30g (1 level scoop) in 400-500ml milk, water, or diluted cream. Half Serving: Mix 15g (= scoop) in 200-250ml milk or water, or diluted cream. Calorie count approx. per full serving made on water: 118kcal (484kJ) or on 400ml of whole milk: 350kcal (1464kJ), nonfat milk: 250kcal (1046kJ), soya milk: 250kcal (1046kJ), oat milk: 375kcal (1569kJ), cream (1:4 with water) 310kcal (1297kJ).