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Weight 1.25 kg

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Weight 1.25 kg


The Original Pure Instant Low-Fat Protein Drink

Casein protein is a slow-release protein that stays in your system for up to 7 hours giving you a sustained hit of high-quality protein. This is especially beneficial when training in sports such as rugby, football and weight lifting in the gym. Casein helps preserve muscle mass. Our Proform proteins are specially formulated with the highest quality ingredients to be the most delicious and family-friendly protein supplements on the market.

Key Benefits

• High calcium & vitamin D
• High protein
• Convenient meal replacement
• Low fat, low calorie
• Suitable for vegetarians

Why Choose?

Proform protein shakes are made of pure high-calcium caseinate (from milk). Unlike most proteins, Proform is an excellent source of available organic calcium. This can help bring your diet into balance in a way few other foods can offer.

Made as directed with 450ml of milk provides at least 40g of high-quality protein and 800mg of calcium (your daily requirement). One serving a day is a convenient way of replacing one entire meal as part of a diet programme for health. For adults interested in maintaining healthy normal bones and teeth, calcium as provided by low- fat Proform, is an important contributor in this area. Calcium is important for normal muscle and nerve function while the protein contributes to muscle tissue maintenance and development. Make proform protein part of your healthy lifestyle. Proform protein comes in 4 delicious flavours, Banana, Real Cocoa, Strawberry, Vanilla.

Made in Ireland from EU-source dairy protein.

Nutritional Information

Calcium caseinate 21 g
Fat Reduced Cocoa 5.4 g
Vitamin D 5 μg

Product Information

Allergy Statement: Contains milk protein from milk.
Suitable for vegetarians.
If pregnant or breastfeeding seek your doctor’s advice before using this product.
Made in Ireland from EU-source dairy protein