Special Liver Formula Capsules


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The “Superfood” offering natural iron and protein for energy, immune resistance, and brain power. Particularly suited to those needing an Iron supplement, as the iron in this product is easily absorbed and non-constipating
Special Liver Formula is an excellent source of B vitamins and high-quality protein, the liver is high in a substance known as nucleic acid. Nucleic acids have been shown to play an important role in the formation of almost all of the body’s cells and glands and may enhance a person’s energy levels and assist in improving skin-tone and hair condition.

Additional information

450 Capsules

General use: one teaspoonful daily (5g) Athletes or sportspeople: three teaspoonfuls daily (15g) Children over 3: half a teaspoonful daily (2.5g) Desiccated Liver may be taken with water, orange juice, or mixed with other foods.