Special Liver Formula Capsules

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Additional information

Weight 0.41 kg


EU sourced beef, produced without the use of growth-promoting hormones

Liver is probably the most nutritionally dense food on the planet. It is packed with nutrients and detoxifying properties. One thing that puts so many people off eating liver is the taste.

Special Liver Formula is made from EU source beef, produced without the use of growth-promoting hormones. The process of cold pressing the liver helps retain valuable enzymes and B-complex vitamins that are destroyed during cooking.

An ideal way around this is to take Special Liver Formula. Liver is known for its powerful detoxifying properties. The high nucleic acid content (DNA & RNA) may also help in the formation of new cells and support skin health.

Key Benefits

• A rich source of Iron and B vitamins (including B12)
• Hormone-free
• Unique cold pressing
• High in protein and low in fat and carbs
• Helps reduce tiredness and fatigue
• Supports normal ability to think and study
• 10% added Haemoglobin Iron
• Contributes to normal oxygen transport
• No added sugar, questionable fillers or binders

Why Choose?

Special Liver Formula is an ideal way to avail of the benefits of liver in an easy more palatable form. It comes in a convenient capsule or powder.
The Special Liver Formula is liver, desiccated at very low temperatures to retain its nutrient potency. It is further enhanced by the addition of 10% haemoglobin iron, making an already great supplement even greater. Particularly suited to those needing an iron supplement, as the iron in this product is easily absorbed and non-constipating. This power-packed supplement is a popular choice for men and women who need to look and feel their best, particularly for athletes, sportspeople and business people who are constantly on the go.
Special Liver Formula is the same high-quality liver as our Dessicated Liver with added Haemoglobin Iron.


General use: one teaspoonful daily (5g)
Athletes or sportspeople: three teaspoonfuls daily (15g)
Children over 3: half a teaspoonful daily (2.5g)
Desiccated Liver may be taken with water, orange juice, or mixed with other foods.

Nutritional Information

Special liver (EU Beef origin) 600 mg
Haemoglobin (EU Beef origin) 67 mg

Desiccated liver powder, haemoglobin powder (9%), gelatine capsule shell.

Product Information

Free from gluten, yeast, sugar and dairy.
Persons with haemochromatosis should consult with their doctor before using this foodstuff.
It is important to eat a varied and balanced diet as part of a healthy lifestyle.
Not to be taken during pregnancy except as permitted by a doctor.