Redefining Fitness- Inspiring Success Stories

Have you kick-started your fitness goals for 2019?  If so chances are that you might have started a low-calorie diet, perhaps joined a gym and maybe achieved some short-term success in losing weight. Sounds good so far. But, what is fitness for you?

 Is it just about losing weight or getting into shape?

It’s no surprise that most people give more attention to physical attractiveness and do not realise that mental fitness is equally important. 

Sadly, gyms around us also promote physical perfection and body building, emphasizing on different styles of exercises. They set up huge fitness machines and clutter people without proper guidance and direction. Consequences are, that after spending a lot of your time and exercising rigorously, you get to see weight loss which comes with a loss of vital muscle tissue. 

Is that fitness for you? 

This blog is for those who think fitness is not just about physical appearance and rather see fitness as a holistic transformation of achieving a healthy mind, body, life and community. 

Fitness is about how healthy you feel from inside and being able to give your best to all parts of your life. 

Senator Victor Boyan, a busy politician wanted to join a gym to reduce the stress of his highly demanding job. He was reluctant to go to a gym initially but having plucked up his courage, one day he arrived at Educogym. Straight away he could see enormous benefits.

On the day that I went to Educogym, I was warmly received. Educogym is more than just about physical fitness, it’s about the holistic view of health – physical health, mental health and your strength. It was certainly worth a try and I signed up immediately and I engaged. I found enormous benefits

After several weeks Victor began to notice several benefits.


“I wasn’t actually aware of any of these impacts until after some weeks, I realized that I had greater clarity of thoughts, clarity of purpose, clarity of function and greater strength both mental and physical. It all comes together with the Educogym Model. I now make choices because I have greater clarity. What this physical well-being has done for me is, it has given me greater clarity to decide on my priorities. 

I have a greater control on life and can determine what’s important for me and what I must do in a day. Being able to say no, when you need to and to be able to say yes when you need to and wanting to do what you want to do. This has all happened with a very simple commitment, just about 20 minutes exercise. I realized that within months I was cutting down on my time, I was able to manage my time better. I was ready for a good day’s work. 

I am able to complete my work faster. The most important thing is I am happy doing it. It won’t happen on its own, but you’ll receive all the support that you need from the Educogym team. You’ll meet a very committed team who work with you and you work with them. It’s a two-way process”


Listen to Senator Victor Boyan and his experience at Educogym.

Fiona Freeman, a mother of two children joined Educogym as she wanted to become healthy and more accountable. Time was an important factor for her.

Fiona shared I love the Educo model. The 20-minute training sessions really fit into my day to day life. My husband works hard, and I can’t expect him to help me greatly at home. I train in the morning at 7 o’clock normally and it is just the best start of my day. When I go in, I have great support of the trainers. It’s fantastic and you just feel like you can take on the world after it. I am a sort of person who needs a goal. You get help in setting the goals and diet. You get continuous supervision and encouragement. So, you get more all the time. 

I wanted to do strength training as it’s necessary for everyone who falls in the age bracket of 45 and I am aware of how we lose muscle if we do regular exercises, especially when we turn 30. My mother actually suffers with osteoporosis and that was always in the back of my head. I didn’t want to go that way and was aware that strength training can help me helps me to build muscle which hopefully will help me prevent osteoporosis. There is a mental side to training at Educogym, which is fantastic. 

You get constant training in the gym on how to concentrate and focus on goals. In just the 20 minutes that we are there, you can get the maximum. It’s like you really tap your unconscious attention and push yourself. After that when you walk out, your endorphins are dancing around in your body and you just feel brilliant. You really transfer that energy to your day and life like me, I come home in great form with my kids. You make healthier choices, you make healthier food choices…it’s such a good start to the day. 

My husband works in a very stressful environment. He works for himself so he trains normally at five o’clock every evening. He goes straight from work and he is just definitely a different person. We have seen a massive difference in his appearance. He definitely looks younger and loves the support that he gets at Educogym.”

Listen to Fiona Freeman’s complete success story in her own words.

To get into the best shape of your life, ensure that your approach to fitness is a more holistic one. You will not only look better, but also feel better and therefore perform better in all the parts of your life.  The outcomes will be long term and can dramatically improve your health. Checkout the second blog of this series to know what Educogym is all about.

Hope you found these stories interesting and inspiring. If you did, please do share it with your friends and family.

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