Why And How To Create A Morning And Evening Routine

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Your alarm wakes you up.
  • You’ve got 60ish minutes to get yourself out of bed, showered, dressed, and fed before you leave for work.
  • You would have gotten up earlier, except you got caught in a Netflix binge last night.

That’s no problem, though, because an hour is plenty of time, right?

But what if ..

  • you don’t have any clean socks, God forbid!
  • the coffee pot didn’t start on time, someone ate the last energy bar (which you’d been eyeing as your breakfast)
  • you don’t have any clean coffee cups because you forgot to start the dishwasher last night, or
  • all the towels are dirty?

You’re starting the entire day behind schedule. Argh!

You also forgot to charge your phone. Plus … what’s for lunch?

What about your plans for grabbing a workout later? Do you have everything you need? And by the way, where are your keys?!

Is this not a classic sample of – A stressful way to start the day! And that’s not even mentioning anything to do with your kids, partner, or pets.

So here’s the problem with these stressful mornings. They put you in a REACTIVE mode that can last all day …rather than allowing you to feel proactive in your choices and actions.

This is where the POWER OF ROUTINE comes into play.

So,  Why Create A Morning And Evening Routine?

Your morning and evening routines work together to set you up for a GREAT day and a RESTFUL NIGHT of sleep.

When your routines come together, you feel unstoppable. You feel less stressed, you get better results, and you can even reach your goals faster. With solid routines, living a healthy lifestyle can even seem EASIER.

Over time, your routines become a habit, which means they become practically automatic. You no longer have to rely on sheer grit, discipline, and willpower.

How To Create A Morning And Evening Routine?

We have found that all GREAT morning routines have 5 SPECIFIC THINGS in common. They are 5 Components Of A Great Morning Routine. They:

  1. Support your goals
  2. Help you feel energised and ready to take on your day!
  3. Create focus and intention so you can live your day proactively and with purpose.
  4. Elevate your mindset and empowers you to be your best
  5. Are simple & easy to follow

You have more time – and more control over how you spend it – in the evenings.

Taking just 10 to 20 minutes each night to get organised for the next day can be a game- changer. That makes for a great evening routine.

  1. Plan/prep your meals,
  2. Write a to-do list,
  3. Have everything ready to grab in the morning as you head out the door.

If you would like to know more about creating a great morning and evening routine, download our free ebook now

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