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Beauty from within pack
Special Liver Formula Capsules


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Beauty from within pack

A revolutionary breakthrough in collagen production, Peptide C is based on completely new discoveries related to the how the body tells its cells to make a new collagen framework with a youthful level of elasticity and support.

Peptide C contains VERISOL® with a special and exclusive production process that results in an exceptionally low molecular weight form of collagen uniquely appropriate to the needs of skin cells.

The process, to be successful, requires the presence of the correct supportive phyto-antioxidants. For this purpose, Tony Quinn Educohealth has identified Red Orange Complex(TM), a high-level extract of local deeply coloured citrus varieties grown in the intense solar radiation and rich volcanic soil surrounding Mt. Etna in Sicily.

Physiologically, your body must instruct your dermal cells to form new supportive collagen, and to repair any collagen that may have been damaged by pollution or UV light, and this can happen only with the presence of effective solar-protective nutrients.

Radiance C, exclusively formulated for Tony Quinn Educohealth, provides lipid-soluble Vitamin C to support collagen formation and the dermal immune system, in a form reflecting the composition of the cell’s own membranes.

Our Beauty From Within Pack combining Radiance C and Peptide C, provides you with the perfect nutrients for glowing skin in a unique combination, researched and verified for this purpose.

Being the lightest and finest grade of collagen available, VERISOL® must be offered in larger capsules as, unlike common dense grades, it cannot be easily compressed. The daily intake is three capsules in the morning and three in the evening, taken along with two Radiance C each time (four daily).


Feel on top of the world with this gentle-acting Vitamin for the mind and body. Pantac, the ‘Happy Vitamin’, is present in all cells and supports your brain cells for normal mental functioning. Pantac also supports the function of your adrenals – Your adrenals (situated above your kidneys) are your frontline defence and recovery in the face of stress. Easily and quickly absorbed, Pantac is one of our most popular products for many years for these very reasons. Pantothenic acid also contributes to the normal synthesis and metabolism of vitamin D. While vitamin D occurs in food and it is obtained by sunlight, it requires an extensive metabolism within the body to become available in its active form.

Special Liver Formula Capsules

Liver is probably the most nutritionally dense food on the planet. It is packed with nutrients and detoxifying properties. One thing that puts so many people off eating liver is the taste.

Special Liver Formula is made from EU source beef, produced without the use of growth-promoting hormones. The process of cold pressing the liver helps retain valuable enzymes and B-complex vitamins that are destroyed during cooking.

An ideal way around this is to take Special Liver Formula. Liver is known for its powerful detoxifying properties. The high nucleic acid content (DNA & RNA) may also help in the formation of new cells and support skin health.