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Tony Quinn’s Life-Changing Download

Dr. Tony Quinn, the originator of The EDUCO® Model who is famed for his pioneering discovery of Unconscious Attention® shares his techniques for relaxation to help clear your mind and reduce stress in everyday life. Tony describes When you begin to relax many wonderful things start to happen. This system of relaxation is responsible for thousands of success stories every year, ranging from business, health, healing to self and life improvement.   Relaxation With A Purpose is like having a one-to-one relaxation session with Dr. Quinn himself! In addition to relaxation and stress reduction, the material on Relaxation With A Purpose is responsible for hundreds of results every single week. The guided relaxation is a key element of The EDUCO® Model and allows you to experience Dr. Quinn’s techniques in your own home. The first side of the download explains the conscious mind and the second side explains your unconscious mind. When you can relax the conscious mind then you can go on to relax the unconscious mind- the deeper mind. Download today and experience the benefits for yourself.

Dr ‘Tony Quinn’ says: I consider this a new approach to education, relationship and achieving Human Potential, where there is a download, so to speak, not of knowledge but of Power. The new educator does not just talk about change but causes it. The main thrust of the new education must be to directly empower people.

The pursuit of Unconscious Attention® and Greater Mind Power involved conducting my own original research with a university and with Human Potential Research Ltd. and obtaining numerous qualifications, both English and American. These include a Master of Science Degree (University of East London) majoring in Psychotherapy, Unconscious Attention®, Modelling (Designing Models), and Programming. A Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy (State Approved, California, USA). The major emphasis was on Unconscious Attention® and availing of Greater Mind Power.

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Key Benefits

• Relaxation
• Stress Reduction
• Happiness
• Increased Energy
• Goal Achievement
• Business Success
• Self-Healing & Health
• Self and Life Improvement

Why Choose?

Relaxation With A Purpose combines Mental Relaxation with Goal Setting. Most people are caught up in some sort of stress, tension, worries, fear, problems, phobia, complex, etc. This download helps you to relax to a deep level not only physically but mentally. This can enable you to dissolve the mental obstructions that may be blocking your self-expression, success potential and even your self-healing ability.

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