The Power Of Habits

You’ll have seen how important it is to create great morning and evening routines in our previous blog. The important point is – over time, your routines become a habit, which means they become practically automatic. You no longer have to rely on sheer grit, discipline, and willpower.

Every habit you have – good, neutral, or “bad” – has four components. Both your habits and the steps that create them can become so automatic you don’t even know you’re doing them. They become unconscious!

Don’t you think we need to understand more about Habits and how they work? “Yes” I hear you say! Fantastic, let’s understand more about the Power of Habits.

STEP 1: The Cue

This is what triggers your brain to take action. Usually, your cue is something that gives you a reward.

For example:

  • Getting out of bed in the morning go to work for a pay check
  • Driving by the gym on your way home from work getting in a workout
  • Looking at the clock and seeing it’s noon time to eat the delicious healthy salad you brought to work

STEP 2 : A Desire

This is what motivates your habit. What motivates you might be completely different than what motivates someone else. And that’s OK!

The desire is your WHY – it’s what makes the reward important to you because it’s what the reward represents.

  • The reward for going to work is the pay cheque … but the desire is what that pay check represents – security, fun, freedom, whatever you are going to spend the money on (or save it for).
  • The reward for stopping at the gym is the workout, but the desire is what the workout offers – a better mood, being strong and fit, feeling healthy, or feeling accomplished.
  • The reward for eating the salad is feeling great and energised all afternoon – but the desire is why that matters to you, from body transformation goals to better health.

STEP 3  Action

This is the actual habit you perform. This is where the effort comes in.

  • It’s getting out of bed because you opened your eyes.
  • It’s the workout you do when you get to the gym.
  • It’s eating the salad instead of going out for takeout with your co-workers.

STEP 4  Reward

This is the payoff, where your desire becomes satisfied.

  • It’s the vacation you saved up for thanks to your efforts at work (or the security you feel when you check your 401K balance).
  • It’s the satisfaction you feel when you see the results of your workouts.
  • It’s the feeling of accomplishment you get when you reach your goals and have all the energy you need to play with your kids/grandkids.

Your habits and routines matter because they build the FOUNDATION for lifelong success and help you achieve the important goals you set for yourself!

We help our clients create transformations in their life by creating a personalised plan that works with THEIR lifestyle, setting them up for success.

If you’re looking to create real change in your life, then write to us at info@educogym.com.

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