The aim of the Educogym® Nutrition Program is to educate clients in how they can draw out their perfect body from within. The core understanding of the program is that most people are eating an unnatural diet which upsets the balance of the hormones in our bodies. This statement could not be truer than in recent times with the introduction of various fad diets and fast food outlets.


You are about to start on one of the most exciting adventures of your life when you learn how readily you can control your hormones. This will give you greater control over your health, aging and body composition. Hormones are what turn girls into women and boys into men. When they decline we become weak, frail and old. At any age, once they become unbalanced this may lead to body-fat increases and lean muscle tissue decreases. The key to drawing out your perfect figure or physique lies in taking control of your hormones. Every day of their lives, people are unknowingly creating an imbalance in their bodies’ powerful control centres, resulting in increased fat storage, health problems and premature aging.


The root of this dietary problem stems from the fact that for over 99.8% of human existence we ate a very different diet than in recent years. Our present unnatural diet quite simply produces excess insulin, while our natural diet returns our insulin levels to normal. Excess insulin has been shown to suppress growth hormone (GH). Returning insulin to normal levels allows growth hormone to exert its natural function on the body. By eating a natural diet we can halt premature aging and achieve better health while increasing lean muscle and permanently eliminating excess body fat.


The modern day food supply is designed to produce mass amounts of food, economically. While there may be many benefits to this approach, these foods may lack in nutrient density. This can be due to the processing, soil depletion, cooking, etc. In order to improve our level of health and allow our body the best opportunity of vitality, these nutrients should be replaced.

Studies have shown that there are three vital elements needed to produce real results. Educogym® has created a system that teaches you to Focus, Train and Nourish. Combined, these tools create a synergistic force to empower you to a complete transformation (see results).


Create a mental blueprint for success


Scientifically advanced 20-minute workouts


Personally tailored nutritional plans with foods you want


Steps To Complete Understanding


Understand the science behind the problem


Discover why what you have been doing won't work


See the solution to your perfect shape and optimum health