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An hour of aerobics, depending on how vigorous, would burn approximately 400 to 500 calories per day. Endlessly you see the ads on TV promising the latest and greatest workout equipment. What makes it the greatest? Why, the fact that it burns more calories than its competitors of course. But anyone who focuses exclusively on the number of calories burned while exercising is missing the bigger picture, i.e. the amount of calories you burn while resting! 10 pounds of muscle burns between 500 to 1000 calories per day – even during sleep or while watching TV³. Of the total amount of calories your body burns, 90% are burned by muscle. Think of muscle as a furnace in which you burn calories.


The solution to all of this is to regain, grow or maintain your muscle mass. If up till now you have lost muscle, then if you want true rejuvenation, you must gain back what you have lost. Even if you are young and beginning to become overweight, you need to increase your muscle to correct this problem. If you are already in good shape, the best step towards anti-aging that you can take, is to continue to hold onto your invaluable muscle. In short, your muscles are your best defense against aging and body fat.


Clearly any approach used, should have as its primary goal, the increase of muscle tissue. So what is the best form of exercise, diet or even food supplements for this purpose? A University Doctoral study examined these questions and came to a ground-breaking conclusion: The most important factor was the trainee’s mental attitude. Other important factors were weight training, no resting between exercises, low-glycemic foods and some food supplements. The research highlighted the fact that, the more focused the trainee’s mental attitude, the heavier the weight they could lift. In turn, this greater intensity of effort was directly related to increases in muscle mass. The results over a 12 day period and a total of 4 hours of weight training  (i.e. 20 minutes daily), were on average a gain of 3 lbs of muscle and a loss of 7.5 lbs of fat. This change of nearly 1 lb a day would be enough to literally transform the average person’s body.


Today, more than ever before, we are bombarded from every angle promising to transform our shape, the latest and greatest exercise or weight loss program, fitness regime, anti-aging system or even the latest and greatest diet, food supplement, protein shake, health drink, etc. So how are you to know what to do? The answer is simple – forget the hype, just decide on a solution based on the results.

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