Mind Focus 60


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Just as you can make your muscles stronger, more flexible, quicker, more accurately coordinated with the brain, with having better energy and endurance, you can do the same with your mind. Not only mental exercises effect strength, flexibility, accuracy, and sustained focus of the mind, but physical characteristics such as your ability to produce neurotransmitters are an important influence on whether you end up at the lower range of normal operation or at the top range of normal.

Top of normal function range
Nutrition influences the normal function of your brain and also gives you the possibility of supporting your mental performance so that you stay at the top range of normal for you. In fact, for some people, they may rarely if ever have spent long periods of time at the top of their mental performance. Many substances, including tea, coffee and chocolate and some herbs can stimulate the mind but they do not actually feed the mind. What they can do is to force the mind to run faster, with the result that the mind uses up its nutrient resources. Typically, this results in a crash or dip which follows the high that they give you. Another thing that can happen is that your brain cells just get used to them, and stop responding.
Now, with the introduction of Mind Focus, the benefits of brain-specific nutrients are available to everyone. Mind Focus is not a stimulant, but a food to help your brain cells function properly. Brain-specific nutrients work by providing the organic nutritional support the brain cells need. They can continue to run at their natural rate, but with far better nutrition. As a result, you can experience the best “mental you” running at the higher end of your normal innate capacity.

*Results may vary for each individual and we cannot guarantee specific results.

Additional information

60 Capsules

Two to four capsules daily or as directed by a practitioner. Take on an empty stomach, with water or fruit juice. Not to be taken with food, and especially at the same time as proteins or Amino-Energise, but may be combined with Amino-Or. As this product may help mental activity, it should not be taken before sleep.